Shining Divine Light

Helping One Connect to their Higer Self


Breanna Enich

Since I was a little girl, I have always been connected to spirit. I sensed spirits around me I would even talk to spirit a lot growing up, didn’t know what or who I was talking to. My family thought I was in my own little world making up imaginary friends. These beings or spirits weren’t imagery because I sensed them, they would even respond telepathically. For example, if I was sad, I would feel comfortable and they would show me how to comfort myself or give me insight into things that nobody else would know about. I would even have visions about situations before it happened. These spirits weren’t bad, now that I’m older, I find out they were my spirit guides, Angels, and Ancestors. I never knew of such a name as “God” until someone taught me about God and religion. Really didn’t grow up religious, I was the one who took the initiative to get connected to God through religion, but I always felt like I was missing something while practicing religion, a deeper connection but I didn’t know what it was really. As a teen, I would drift back and forth between spirituality and religion. I finally released and gave into spirituality and realized a lot about myself that I am an empath, psychic, lightworker, and healer. I am here to help those searching for answers, insight, healing, and to help those get connected to their higher self.

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My Services


Psychic Readings

My readings are divinely guided by source some say God, Most High, Universe etc. I will call on your spirit counsel of love and light to asset with the reading. Your spirit counsel will give me messages that you need to know at the time being.

Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing is universal life force energy being sent to you to align your body and chakras the (energy centers in the body). The energy being sent can also inspire and unlock your full potential and help with healing the physical body. A free consultation will be giving before session.

Get the Guidance, Peace and tranquility you need.